Investing in Resilience for Sustainable Returns

Our mission is to generate consistent risk-adjusted returns for investors through driving Asian corporates’ ESG transformation and scaling up the subsequent impacts.

About Us

Established in 2020, Y2 Capital is a Hong-Kong based asset management company.

Our team consists of seasoned industry veterans who previously led investments at top-tier global hedge funds and financial institutions.

With our deep experience, strong regional network, and most importantly, passion to drive ESG transformation in Asia, we aim to build a pioneering approach for ESG investments in Asia.

A member of

IFRS Sustainability Alliance
SBai Signatory Mar '23
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Y2 Story

Our name Y2 is inspired by the “Year Two” Cosmic Calendar concept, proposed by US astrophysicist Carl Sagan. As he visualizes 13.8 billion years of cosmic chronology into one single year, human history only exists from 23:59:33 on Dec 31st, Year One. Any moment from now on into the future is in the first second of Year Two. We at Y2 Capital hope to build humanity’s resilience to sail through social & environmental changes together with our investors, portfolios & stakeholders.

Y2 also resonates with the question “Why to”. We value curiosity in practical investments, as much as we value the search for “purpose” of why to invest? In addition to generating returns for our investors, we hope to build a model of a responsible asset manager and to inspire an ecosystem of sustainable business leaders in Asia.

Investment philosophy

Y2 employs an ESG-integrated, highly-engaged, and long-term fundamental approach towards equity investing in Asia. Our aim is to identify and engage with current and future Asian ESG leaders across sectors, and to fuel changes together with the businesses.


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